There is some great fishing going on in the Winter HAVEN CHAIN of Lakes.This chain has 21 lakes connected together.
Man made canals connect Them to each other. So every day you can fish new water.
Now the hot lakes are lake Summit and lake Elbert.
The fish are chasing Shad and very small Blue Gills. Lures to use are Top water baits. I like the tiny Torpedo and a Zara Spook..Crome Bill Lewis rattle
Traps 1/2 Oz is also working. After the sun gets up go to The Sinko .Gary Yamato sink Is the Best. Rig it Texas style. Or Whacky style.  Colors
Are Black Grape.or June Bug. Or Black… IF YOU FISH LIVE BAIT. Small shiners on light line. Small hook .and Small 1/4 Oz weight.. Catching 20 to 30 for a 4 hr
Guide trip…FUN FISHING.!!!
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