Every fisherman dreams of it. However, only a few consistently sack a double-digit, trophy-sized bass. And although late winter and early spring are usually the best times to catch bass, the opportunity to catch a behemoth sized fish exist nearly year round for those of us who are patient, skilled and lucky. Here are five tips on how to catch a trophy bass.

  • Find likely trophy bass locations: Key spots to search for larger bass is on the lower end of the lake where bigger fish tend to live. Also, look out for isolated areas near boulders, brush piles and other irregular structures. Finally don’t neglect to use your electronics (apps) to guide you towards the desirable locations.
  • Learn to recognize bass trails: Generally speaking, a bass’s home area is distinguished by a series of structures that form a trail that experienced fisherman recognizes and have learned to follow. This trail is often composed of submerged logs, downed trees, dense weeds, etc. Also, older, larger bass will generally stay pretty close to these locations and tend to not move around that much.
  • Think quality rather than quantity: Patience is a necessity when going after the big ones. You should expect to get fewer bites when you are going after trophy bass but the pay off can be tremendous when you finally do hook the mighty one. Thus, you will have to become disciplined enough to cast away the smaller bass in search of the grand daddies (and mommies).
  • Know bass behavior: The old timers are basically creatures of habit. They will tend to make it a habit of feeding in an area that has been successful for them in the past. Stake out these and remain patient exploiting their laziness and slavishness to habit. bass fishing
  • Use the right bait: Big plastic worms that are approximately a foot in length are excellent for capturing bass weighing more than 5lbs. However, be flexible about working with different kinds of bait.

We all know the fisherman who is ready at an instant to whip out a photo of an unbelievably large bass he/she has captured. Well all know the angler who can tell you in great detail about the life and death struggle he/she underwent reeling in his/her prize. Well, there’s no reason that person can’t be you with a little skill, patience and luck. Bass fishing in Orlando affords anglers plenty of opportunities to make their fishing dreams come true. We are one of the finest fishing charters near Disney World and are prepared to make your trip here a memorable one.